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-a celebration of “doing well by doing good.”


Every generation faces new challenges and has the opportunity to build a better future for the next generation. We celebrate and build on the efforts of those who came before and sacrificed for us. Common experiences and traditions give us the values we share as we build a better community and country.

Our common bond is our Italian ancestry. We have opportunities now because of the sacrifices made by our ancestors who left their homeland and immigrated to the United States and started a new life. We value our achievements and enjoy our successes because they give us the opportunity to serve. We value each other because we share a common responsibility to give future generations the values and traditions that helped us succeed. By serving, we celebrate and honor our ancestors, pass on to the next generation our traditions and values and celebrate our friendships and successes.

Our home is an elegant Italianate townhouse built in 1893. Our townhouse is often the site of our cultural and social events. Each Member has the privilege of enjoying the elegance of our townhouse, including our fine dining facilities and private meeting rooms, whether with other Members, friends or family.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation is a philanthropic and cultural organization comprised of over 600 successful volunteers of Italian ancestry. Our goal is to build a stronger foundation so that those who follow us will have a better future. We reach our goal by working together to expand our scholarship programs and improve appreciation for Italian-American heritage. Each Member shares his or her expertise and builds friendships by working with other Members to carry out the Foundation’s mission. The majority of our work is self-funded by our Members who make substantial contributions to our scholarship and other charitable programs. This has amounted to donations in millions of dollars each year.  Friendship, fellowship, camaraderie and the enjoyment of the best of our Italian culture mark our efforts and gatherings.

We expand appreciation of Italian-American heritage and improve the lives of Italians and Italian-Americans through our education and cultural activities, including the scholarships we provide to students from elementary school through college. The Foundation sponsors New York City’s annual fundraising Columbus Celebration and the Columbus Day Parade up New York’s Fifth Avenue. The parade, first organized in 1929, is the largest celebration of Christopher Columbus’s historic voyage. It is the focal point for celebrating Italian-American heritage and achievement in the world.

Italians have immigrated to the United States since the founding of our country. Today, approximately 20 million Americans claim Italian heritage. As Members we have the opportunity to celebrate them and honor their sacrifices and the traditions they gave us by helping future generations succeed in the way we have.

Membership is by invitation; applicants must be sponsored by two Members of the Foundation.  All applicants must submit an application and are subject to a background check and an initiation fee. For additional information, or to become a Member, contact our The Columbus Citizens Foundation at

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